Buying Services

Three Buying Service Options:

Advisory Service

Guidance Service

Full Consultancy Service

I will guide you safely through today’s complex and confusing New and Used markets opening the door to huge potential savings and providing you with the optimum deal options whilst removing the hassle, frustration and time uncertainties whether buying privately, on-line, or from a dealer.

Three options available either delivering the best possible advice on all aspects of buying your next car or motorcycle, a guidance service that will effectively hold your hand through the process, or a full consultancy service where I manage it from start to finish on your behalf.

This option provides you with a Thirty-minute session where I can give you the best advice and practice based on your intended purchase. It gives you the opportunity to benefit from my knowledge and expertise. My Advice service includes a Thirty-minute meeting either face to face at my office in Kinross or streamed on-line via Zoom, HPI history report for your potential purchase and either a digital or hard copy guide to Safe Secure Buying and Selling.

Advice option £50.00

My Guidance option effectively provides you with my knowledge, expertise and guidance throughout the process of your next car or bike purchase. I will ensure you are aware of the current market conditions, Private, On-line, and dealer options, pricing and discounts and the best alternatives if looking to dispose of your current car or bike. I will guide you to achieve the best deal quickly, saving you time and frustration, and safely and securely, protecting you from threats and potential fraudsters.

This option can include, at extra cost, an accompanied service where I accompany you to the dealer or private seller to oversee the purchase. The accompanied service is subject to individual quotation.

Guidance option £150

This option gives you the opportunity to employ my expertise to source your preferred new or used car or bike. No more trawling through the internet or trudging round dealers. My knowledge and experience will find the right new or used car or bike at the best terms in a fraction of the time. I do all the research, sourcing, market analysis, explore finance options, handle negotiations providing you with your best options ready to transact. 

This option also includes a full inspection report to ensure the quality, history and value along with peace of mind that you will be buying safely and securely.

Full Consultancy Option: £350.00

Three options Available.

Advice, Guidance, or Full

Purchase Management.

Essential added value

Services whether buying

Locally or distance buying.

Remove the risk

and Potential dangers

when Buying used cars

or Motorcycles

Buying New

I will provide you with access to and deliver best value options when buying on-line or from a dealer.

Unlocks the door

to the best deal options and allows you to buy at the best terms

Sourcing assistance

helping you find your car or bike.

Available for all

private, dealer or on-line purchases

Keeps you safe

and secure throughout the purchase process


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