Selling Services

Three Selling Service Options:

Advisory Service

Guidance Service

Full Consultancy Service

Using my expertise will ensure you find the best route to market when selling your car or motorcycle. I can provide you with a range of selling options that help you achieve a quicker, and more successful sale maximising your return and keeping you safe whether selling privately, to a dealer or on-line buying company.

My Selling service options provide you with direct access to all the Essential skills and practises required to sell successfully and individually tailored to your vehicle.

This option provides you with a Thirty-minute session where I can give you the best advice and practice based on your intended sale. It gives you the opportunity to benefit from my knowledge and expertise. My Advice service includes a Thirty-minute meeting either face to face at my office in Kinross or streamed on-line via Zoom, HPI history report for your car or bike and either a digital or hard copy guide to Safe Secure Buying and Selling. 

Advice option    £50

My Guidance option effectively provides you with my knowledge, expertise and guidance throughout the sale process of your car or bike. I will ensure you are aware of the current market conditions, Private, On-line buying company, and dealer options, and a realistic return for your vehicle.  I will guide you to achieve the best price quickly, saving you time and frustration, and safely and securely, protecting you from threats and potential fraudsters. 

This option can include, at extra cost, an accompanied service where I accompany you to the dealer, on-line buying company or private buyer to oversee the sale. The accompanied service is subject to individual quotation. 

Guidance option   £150

This option gives you the opportunity to employ my expertise experience and knowledge to sell your car or motorcycle. I identify and market your car or bike on the best platform, assess and recommend the best route to market and selling option, negotiate the best price for you and present you with the sale options ready to transact employing totally safe secure practice.

This is a total start to finish service personally delivered and tailored to your car or motorcycle and includes a full vehicle Inspection report to provide added value and peace of mind to prospective buyers.

Full Consultancy Option   £350

Three options available.

Advice, Guidance, or Full sales Management.

Essential services

providing you with your best route to a fast, successful sale.

Where and how

to successfully market your car or bike.

On-line buying companies.

I can guide you how to maximise your return and how to sell to them.

Best route to market.

Dealers, On-line buyers, or sell privately

Best practice.

Removes the risks and assures you sell safely and with secure payment.

Accompanied sale option.

I can provide you with the option of an accompanied sale when selling to dealers or On-line buying companies to ensure you get the best deal and are not disadvantaged through the process.


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